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About Us

TeamGINI is derived from “Gini Bu Nkpa Gi?” the Igbo translation for “What’s Your Purpose?”


TeamGINI is a non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas, founded in 2010 by Tobe Nwigwe, Mike Tauiliili, and Jeffrey Idehen. 


“We live in the social media, YouTube, reality show – “I want to be entertained” generation! Would you speak to a kindergartner at a PHD level? Of course not. Likewise, we understand the need to speak this generation’s language; we speak edutainment!”


Edutainment is simply entertaining education. We leverage the performing arts [comedy, acting, music, etc.] to hook our audience, presenting us an opportunity to pivot their mind state.


We make purpose popular through edutainment!

Purposeful Presents

With the help of Alief ISD and Houston ISD Guidance Counselors, we identify students of families who are experiencing financially challenging times. Our counselors conduct special interviews with the unsuspecting kids to build unique gift lists of what is needed most for their family. We then plug into our network of [phenomenal] donors and sponsors and surprise the families with [really nice] presents on Christmas Eve. We go on to work with the parents on an action plan to progress out of their current situations. This PROGRESS program promotes financial literacy, furthering education, career planning and mentorship for parents and their children.


gotPURP is our (middle school) mentorship program that is centered around displacing old mindsets of students as we raise the bar in their understanding of Purpose, Leadership, and Vision. What sets this mentorship program apart from others is our selective enrollment of the most influential students at the school. Whether known as “good” or “bad” students, we want them in our program. Specifically because we believe that if we can influence the influencers, we can change the culture of an entire school!

The 10 week program is built on three pillars:

1. Leadership & Purpose Curriculum
2. School-wide Theatre Production Experience
3. Exposure Expands Expectations

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